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"Is it golden?" I said.

"I don't know. It is Odin's disk and it has only one side."

— J. L. Borges, The Disk.

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(I think I should stop remarking on the hiati)


10/22/08—I Got Busy Here

(A four month hiatus, this time)

06/26/08—WCN Kerfuffle
06/04/08—Hair Raise
05/28/08—Drafting Table
05/21/08—Goofy Jerks
05/14/08—Beanworld is Back!
05/07/08—Mechanical Skull
04/30/08—Tossed Bark
04/16/08—Your Guide Awaits
04/09/08—Picture Plant
03/26/08—Parental Dispute
03/19/08—Disunified Dragon
03/12/08—Eel of Contention
03/05/08—Mr. Spook's Not-Beans

(A three month long hiatus)


12/05/07—Micro Forms 2
11/28/07—Indifferent Intent
11/21/07—Turkey Day 2
11/14/07—Zen Of Huckleberry Finn
10/24/07—Beanworld Page
10/17/07—The Face On Hoagland
10/10/07—Micro Forms 1
10/01/07—Note On Format Change

Strip 59 of A Stray To Botaram and subsequent strips are hosted at Web Comics Nation.

09/27/07—A Stray To Botaram: 58
09/24/07—A Stray To Botaram: 57
09/20/07—A Stray To Botaram: 56
09/17/07—A Stray To Botaram: 55
09/13/07—A Stray To Botaram: 54
09/10/07—A Stray To Botaram: 53
09/06/07—A Stray To Botaram: 52
09/03/07—A Stray To Botaram: 51
08/30/07—A Stray To Botaram: 50
08/27/07—A Stray To Botaram: 49
08/23/07—A Stray To Botaram: 48
08/20/07—A Stray To Botaram: 47
08/16/07—A Stray To Botaram: 46
08/13/07—A Stray To Botaram: 45
08/09/07—A Stray To Botaram: 44
08/06/07—A Stray To Botaram: 43
08/02/07—A Stray To Botaram: 42
07/30/07—A Stray To Botaram: 41
07/26/07—A Stray To Botaram: 40
07/23/07—A Stray To Botaram: 39
07/19/07—A Stray To Botaram: 38
07/16/07—A Stray To Botaram: 37
07/12/07—A Stray To Botaram: 36
07/09/07—A Stray To Botaram: 35
07/05/07—A Stray To Botaram: 34
07/02/07—July Fourth With Snit
06/28/07—Black Rabbit Of Inlé
06/25/07—Project Preview: 5
06/21/07—Project Preview: 4
06/18/07—Project Preview: 3
06/14/07—Project Preview: 2
06/11/07—Project Preview: 1
06/07/07—Swirl Ghost
06/04/07—Explosive Crossbow Bolt!
05/31/07—Odds That You Are Reading XKCD
05/28/07—Dolphin And Bird Forms
05/24/07—The MindMenders
05/21/07—Convocation Of Forms
05/17/07—Catching Up: Reading Woman
03/26/07—More Excuses And Poem
03/08/07—Explanation Of Hiatus
02/01/07—A Stray To Botaram: 33
01/29/07—Missed Entry
01/25/07—Missed Entry And Birthday
01/22/07—A Stray To Botaram: 32
01/18/07—A Stray To Botaram: 31
01/15/07—Missed Entry With Missed Gorgon
01/11/07—Missed Entry And Apology
01/08/07—Missed Entry
01/04/07—Missed Entry
01/01/07—Missed Entry


12/28/06—Iconic Forms With Hubris
12/25/06—Christmas Break With Human Forms
12/21/06—Missed Entry With Human Forms
12/18/06—A Stray To Botaram: 30
12/14/06—A Stray To Botaram: 29
12/11/06—A Stray To Botaram: 28
12/07/06—A Stray To Botaram: 27
12/04/06—A Stray To Botaram: 26
11/30/06—A Stray To Botaram: 25
11/27/06—Missed Entry
11/23/06—Thanksgiving Doodle
11/20/06—A Stray To Botaram: 24
11/16/06—A Stray To Botaram: 23
11/13/06—A Stray To Botaram: 22
11/09/06—Missed Entry 2
11/06/06—Missed Entry 1
11/02/06—A Stray To Botaram: 21
10/30/06—A Stray To Botaram: 20
10/26/06—Missed Entry: Moving
10/23/06—A Stray To Botaram: 19
10/19/06—A Stray To Botaram: 18
10/16/06—A Stray To Botaram: 17
10/12/06—A Stray To Botaram: 16
10/09/06—A Stray To Botaram: 15
10/05/06—A Stray To Botaram: 14
10/02/06—A Stray To Botaram: 13
09/28/06—A Stray To Botaram: 12
09/25/06—A Stray To Botaram: 11
09/21/06—A Stray To Botaram: 10
09/18/06—A Stray To Botaram: 9
09/14/06—A Stray To Botaram: 8
09/11/06—A Stray To Botaram: 7
09/07/06—A Stray To Botaram: 6
09/04/06—A Stray To Botaram: 5
08/31/06—A Stray To Botaram: 4
08/28/06—A Stray To Botaram: 3
08/24/06—Interlude: Collage
08/21/06—A Stray To Botaram: 2
08/17/06—A Stray To Botaram: 1
08/14/06—Missed Entry And Introduction
08/10/06—Bug Boot
08/07/06—Fusiform Doodle
08/03/06—Catching Up Again
07/31/06—Filial Youth And Ambiguous Spirit
07/27/06—Rogue And Solid Chance
07/24/06—Swirl Man
07/20/06—Melting Lady
07/17/06—Contemplation Trumped
07/13/06—Simplified Human Forms
07/06/06—A Scary Man, Sir
07/03/06—Independence Day Off
06/29/06—Catch Up; Iced Tea
06/26/06—Horses Are Creepy
06/22/06—Seven In One Blow
06/19/06—Wayang Kulit And Doodle
06/15/06—A Stiff Breeze
06/12/06—Thick Doodle
06/08/06—Fishawack Booth
06/05/06—Second Fruit
06/01/06—Drawing Table And First Fruit
05/29/06—Missed Entry And Memorial Day
05/25/06—Bat Management 2
05/22/06—Missed Entry
05/18/06—Missed Entry
05/15/06—Bat Management 1
05/11/06—Illustrator Doodle 2
05/08/06—Illustrator Doodle
05/04/06—Missed Entry
04/27/06—Missed Entry
04/24/06—Three Way Chess Board, Part 2
04/20/06—Business Card Holder
04/17/06—Another Brick
04/13/06—Three Way Chess Board, Part 1
04/10/06—PC-7 Cat
04/06/06—Spamusement IV
04/03/06—Hatching Doodle
03/30/06—GVCH Update
03/27/06—Missed Entry
03/23/06—Not A Sonnet
03/20/06—Almost Missed Entry
03/16/06—Missed Entry
03/13/06—Progress Report; Sickness
03/09/06—Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA Day
03/02/06— Logo Evolution
02/27/06—Figure / Ground Swirl
02/20/06—Highlighter Sketch
02/16/06—Contractual Foliation
02/13/06—Contractual Frustration
02/09/06—Illness And Logo Removal
02/06/06—Incipient Moth
01/26/06—Postcards, Peter, Birthday
01/23/06—Postcard Completed
01/19/06—Sick Computer Artwork
01/16/06—Angry Computer Artwork
01/12/06—More Computer Repair Artwork
01/09/06—Job Loss And Future
01/05/06—Missed Entry
01/02/06—Moving And Mud


12/29/05—Resetting Goals
12/22/05—Missed Entry
12/19/05—Missed Entry
12/15/05—Missed Entry
12/12/05—Future Of PaaT, Part 3
12/08/05—Draft Logos
12/05/05—Future Of PaaT, Part 2
12/01/05—Future Of PaaT, Part 1
11/28/05—Computer Repair Artwork
11/25/05—Thanksgiving Break
11/21/05—NaNoWriMo - Fifth Entry
11/17/05—Missed Entry
11/14/05—NaNoWriMo - Fourth Entry
11/10/05—NaNoWriMo - Third Entry
11/07/05—NaNoWriMo - Second Entry
11/03/05—NaNoWriMo - First Entry
10/31/05—Obdurate Palette Boasters
10/27/05—Impassive Tree
10/24/05—Feed Me, Mommy!
10/20/05—Missed Entry
10/13/05—Three Fish
10/06/05—A Poor Decision
10/03/05—The Arrival
09/29/05—More About Scratchboard
09/26/05—Old Doodles
09/22/05—An Undesirable Companion
09/19/05—Missed Entry
09/15/05—A Concession
09/12/05—What Was Said?
09/08/05—Spamusement III
09/05/05—Missed Entry
09/01/05—Organic Diner Doodle
08/29/05—Alien Head; Bad Face
08/25/05—Missed Entry
08/22/05—Alien Ad
08/18/05—More Old Art
08/15/05—Alternate Universe Heinlein
08/11/05—Faces In Faces
08/08/05—Mind Blowing Cartoon: Explication
08/04/05—Missed Entry
07/28/05—Intercranial Projectile Redirection
07/25/05—Mind Blowing Cartoon
07/21/05—Missed Entry
07/14/05—Something Wabac Completed
07/11/05—Spamusement II
07/07/05—Missed Entry
07/04/05—Independence Day Memories
06/30/05—More On Execution
06/27/05—Handicapping Via Expectations
06/23/05—Progress and Diversions
06/20/05—Something Positive: More Shadiness
06/17/05—Something Positive: Shading & Linear Affinities
06/13/05—Two Dollar Case Mod
06/09/05—Flames and Frustrations
06/06/05—Bergen Evans
06/02/05—Missed Entry
05/30/05—Memorial Day
05/26/05—Site Updates Part 2
05/23/05—Site Updates Part 1
05/19/05—Star Wars Vs. Science Fiction
05/16/05—Other Project; Thinking Too Much
05/12/05—On Packrattery
05/05/05—Missed Entry
05/02/05—Diner Doodles
04/28/05—Aronias: A Fragment
04/25/05—Missed Entry
04/21/05—Fixing A Jornada
04/14/05—Missed Entry
04/11/05—On Riddles With No Answer
04/07/05—Death Taps
04/04/05—Deface On Mars
03/31/05—Sphere Critter
03/28/05—The Faming Of The Screw
03/24/05—On The Virtures Of Being Bad
03/21/05—Something Positive: Shading Aubrey
03/17/05—Bune Brydde
03/14/05—Something Positive: Outlining Davan
03/07/05—My First Oil
03/03/05—Layers And Tracing In Illustrator
02/28/05—Something Positive: More Progress
02/24/05—Something Positive: Photoshop vs. Illustrator Part 2
02/21/05—Something Positive: Photoshop vs. Illustrator Part 1
02/17/05—Writing Group Sketch
02/10/05—Weather Theory
02/03/05—Short Update
01/31/05—End Of Vacation
01/27/05—Vacation Pics
01/24/05—Vacation Begins
01/20/05—Sleep Study
01/17/05—Fixing Old Computers
01/13/05—Radiator Plumbing
01/10/05—Tesselation / Tiling Puzzles
01/06/05—Semi-Annual Review
01/03/05—Catch Up Article: Toundier's House


12/30/04—Catch Up Article: Leiske's House
12/27/04—Bune: Aerial View
12/23/04—Holidays: Sickness And Upgrades
12/20/04—Laura's Flat Tire
12/16/04—Computer Business Sketch
12/13/04—Diner Doodles: Organic Forms
12/09/04—Missed Entry
12/06/04—Visiting BioMom: Annotated
12/02/04—Visiting BioMom: Technique
11/29/04—Visiting BioMom: Sketch And Symbolism
11/25/04—Turkey Day
11/22/04—Leonor Fini Portrait
11/19/04—Flaming Carrot Vs. Hydralisk
11/15/04—Past Artwork: Graphic Virus, Tux Maru
11/11/04—Missed Entry
11/08/04—Screw Hammer
11/05/04—Missed Entry
11/01/04—Something Positive: Sketch Technique
10/28/04—Something Positive: Full Sketch
10/25/04—IGDA Game Ideas
10/21/04—Something Positive: Sketch Fragment
10/18/04—Ubercon Notes; Romantic Secaucus Interlude
10/14/04—Sculpting an Eaian Skull: Part 1
10/11/04—Sculpting Santa
10/07/04—My Past Sculpture
10/04/04—Alien Head Sculpture
09/30/04—Computer Upgrade; Dremel Finger Sculpture
09/27/04—Working Late 2
09/23/04—Work Art
09/20/04—Working Late 1; Incipient Upgrade
09/16/04—Introduction To Bune
09/13/04—Missed Entry; Date
09/09/04—Eaiean Skull And Vision
09/06/04—On The Purpose Of Skulls
09/02/04—Tentative Ending; NaNoWriMo
08/30/04—Fable Notes; Alien Invasions
08/26/04—A Fable For Our Times
08/23/04—On Solaris
08/19/04—The Darkensome Project
08/16/04—Locomotion: Wheels Part 1
08/12/04—Locomotion: Screw Part 2
08/09/04—Locomotion: Wedge Addendum, Screw Part 1
08/05/04—Locomotion: Wedge
08/02/04—Site Redesign; Alien Locomotion Intro
07/29/04—Portraying Realistic Aliens: Part 2
07/26/04—Xenography; Portraying Realistic Aliens: Part 1
07/21/04—Xenography; Dragonet
07/19/04—Working In Illustrator; Unintended Effects

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