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"Belief is the antithesis to thinking... There can be no freedom of thought without doubt."

— Bergen Evans

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Saturday, June 26th, 2008

Something has gone weird with Webcomicsnation, the site where I am presenting A Stray to Botaram. Google Safesearch is claiming that it's a suspected attack site, and it sometimes gives a 404 in relation to a dubious looking site called "RevenueDirect." It may be that a domain hijack has occurred. Since WCN is now periodically inaccessible, I am writing this here in the hopes that Botaram readers will be able to find it.

At this point, I am hoping that WCN will get things sorted out quickly, and I am assuming that WCN is in fact not a security risk. If it turns out that they are, or if they can't get their act back together, I will have to go back to posting Botaram at PaaT, or on another webcomics site. If I make such a decision, I will post the news here.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers. Whatever else happens, Botaram is going to continue.

UPDATE: It was a DNS bobble; everything was quickly put back to normal.

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