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"Belief is the antithesis to thinking... There can be no freedom of thought without doubt."

— Bergen Evans

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Richard Hoagland thinks that there is an enormous human face carved from stone on the planet Mars. He bases this supposition on a single low resolution image taken by a NASA probe over thirty years ago. Since that time, NASA has sent better probes which have taken much sharper pictures, and the thing keeps looking more and more like a mesa and less and less like a face. Despite the evidence, Mr. Hoagland is sadly now committed to claiming that it is a face, and he will jump through any hoop of illogic rather than admit that he called it wrong.

In honor of his numerous attempts to massage the new images of the mesa in Photoshop to make it look like a face again, I present a few Photoshop massages of my own.

First, the original image, showing Hoagland as he promotes his silly theory on CNN:

Next, we have the mesa's point of view:

Here, Hoagland, in an uncharacteristic burst of honesty and introspection, shows us the true location of the face image:

And here, Hoagland indicates his nemesis; Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer:

I must note that when Dr. Plait saw my image of his face merged with the mesa, he adopted it as his icon on the James Randi Educational Foundation forum. This pleased me to no end.

That's all for now. Until!

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