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"If you think with your emotions, slight glandular changes are sufficient to revise your entire outlook."

— Brian Aldiss

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Monday, May 1st, 2006

I have another game in progress on the three way chessboard, and this time I'm taking notes on what moves were made. If I get the permission of the other participants, I'll post the moves here along with my diagrams and commentary.

Meanwhile, here's a sketch made at the now gloriously smoke-free Morristown Diner, showing a pair of plants in one stage of a very slow interaction. The plant on the left initially took root on the far left, and then consumed another plant using a thorny protrusion, taking root again where the losing plant had been. The predator is now having at another succulent target on the right, but, judging from the withered thorn stems beneath the presently active stem at center, it has already failed twice. I'm not sure what the plant on the right is doing to thwart the attacks, but it's probably related to the phallic protrusions on top.

Foliation 2

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