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"If you think with your emotions, slight glandular changes are sufficient to revise your entire outlook."

— Brian Aldiss

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Thursday, January 26th, 2006

(Entry update posted on Saturday the 28th...)

We mailed out over 400 postcards on Thursday, and as of today, we've had one response. For a first time marketing campaign, it's off to a good start.

I had intended to make a sketch to commemorate my birthday (January 25th), but I missed the opportunity. Instead, I'll attach a sketch of my friend Peter, which I made at the Morristown Diner as he gave Laura and me some most helpful encouragement and advice about the business.

Peter at the Morristown Diner

By the way, if you've gotten enough enjoyment from reading Page at a Time to want to send me a birthday gift (Amazon Wish List), or just a tip (via Paypal, with the button below), you'll make me very happy.

I never intended PaaT to earn me any money; however, since I've lost my primary source of income, every little bit will help. With that in mind, I will probably put the Paypal donate button on the sidebar for a while...


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