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"If you think with your emotions, slight glandular changes are sufficient to revise your entire outlook."

— Brian Aldiss

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Monday, January 9th, 2006

Update tonight...

Update: I am not superstitious, so prayer isn't a good option for me in relieving stress. I do use some visualization and meditation techniques to keep myself feeling confident and in balance. One such exercise involves imagining an enormous rail that stretches out into the darkness; I use this to symbolize a path leading into the future along which I shall accomplish what I want to do. I then imagine aligning myself with this rail and locking myself onto it. Some times require more concentration than others, but the end result is a feeling of purpose and satisfaction that remains within me. I can check on it from time to time to see if it's still there, and renew it if it's gone away.

Last Thursday, I was driving into work along Route 287. I had just picked up my car after an expensive brake repair, and I was doing this exercise as I approached my exit. When I completed the visualization, I found myself wondering how the physical path I was traveling fit (in a symbolic sense) my mental path. The moment I asked myself this question, I had a strong urge to turn the car around and head back home to work on my own projects.

Later that day at work, I was told that I'm being let go from my job at the end of January. I was not surprised, nor was I inclined to acribe any aspect of this to 'supernatural' influence. I'd had the feeling for a while that time was running out; projects for me at work had been growing sparse, and while I had been told that it was probably seasonal, I knew better.

While this is going to be an interesting month for me, I'm not in great danger, so PaaT will continue as usual (or as usual as it has been, lately). Redoing my resume and re-establishing accounts at job sites has taken precedence over art and the ecommerce site; however, the phone line has finally been set up for the computer help business and I do expect the postcards to go out this week.

More on Thursday. Until!

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